Lumia 920’s version for China Mobile,Nokia 920T reportedly leaked in pictures.

We reported some time back that Lumia 920’s CDMA version will be heading to China’s biggest carrier “China Mobile”. It is a very big boost for Nokia as the users subscription base for China Mobile is the largest in the World as well. We are reproducing a part of our old article about this news below.

The largest carrier “China Mobile” with humongous 680 million subscribers, (70%) of China’s Mobile subscribers will be featuring TD-SCDMA version of Nokia Lumia 920. A very interesting fact about this carrier is that they don’t offer any iPhone including even the latest released iPhone 5. So, Nokia has a great chance here to capture some big sales share here :) .

The Marketing Director of Nokia China “Huang Guoqiang” has confirmed the news on his personal micro-blog saying,”Nokia will launch Mobile’s customized version of Lumia 920, supporting TD-SCDMA standard“. Also, Qualcomm earlier seems to conveyed information through media channels that Lumia 920 is equipped with Gao Tongxiao S4 MSM8960 chip which does support China Mobile TD-SCDMA standard.

Now, some leaked pictures have been posted of what looks to be the Lumia 920’s version destined for China Mobile. As you can see in the above image, the name of the model is “Nokia 920T”. The leaked device, has the familiar “” printed on the phone, and reveals the same resolution of 768×1280 as of Lumia 920. Design wise also it looks similar to Lumia 920.



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