Europe in love with Lumia 920 !! The paid/unpaid Pre-orders exceed all other phones’s pre-orders including iPhone 5.

Europe seems to have fallen in love with Lumia 920. The strong pre-orders are the proof and as we are able to collate more data for pre-orders the feeling of Lumia 920 making it big in Europe gets stronger.


Pre-orders sold out at the official Nstore. Leads the Expansys Italy top 20 pre-order chart.


Pre-orders lead the PhoneHouse’s “Best Sellers chart” beating iPhone 5 sales there. Top the Expansys France’s top 20 pre-orders chart.


Lumia 920 tops the Expansys UK top 20 pre-order list .


Lumia 920 holds both 1st and 2nd positions on the Expansys Germany top 20 pre-order list.

Not only this if you go to Expansys global site list and click on individual country links for checking the pre-order situations, then looks like in most of the European countries including Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Finland Lumia 920 rules the pre-orders chart.

The price for Lumia 920 is not yet revealed at Expansys in most of the countries , but similar is the case with other competitor phones. There is no listed price for iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II as well. Also, you need to provide your billing information at Expansys for pre-ordering. Hence it is safe to say that interest wise Lumia 920 is exceeding all its competitors in Europe.

It looks much better if you take into consideration paid pre-orders data from Italy and France. In Italy the paid pre-order has sold out and in France the PhoneHouse paid pre-order is beating iPhone 5 sales there.

Needless to say, lots to cheer about for Nokia and all Nokia Fans !! Europe had always been one of the strongholds of Nokia before they let it slip. May be, Nokia is on the road of getting its glory days back with Lumia 920 there, and this is just a good start :).



About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. Geir Geirsson

    Are you a noggrar cumbucket?

  2. TimJ

    Lumia 920 is the best phone ever. I am predicting the nokia will sell 30 millions phone before the end of the year (if the deal with china Lumia 920T is confirmed).

  3. ayon1200

    in 2003 nokia made 6600 with 133mhz processor then why in 2012 it stuck with only single core symbian phone why not its dual or quad core at presen, why its resoulution 640*360 not 720*1280. why not nokia manage all the developer to build symbian app. i wish nokia die in two years for their reason, it thy make 920 with high processor and resolution then wht fault for symbian. die nokia die quickly

    • Crush_Ayon1200

      I bet you can’t even afford a $50 phone you cheap A$$,,, get your facts right!! You are proving to everyone what a NOOB you really are..

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