Why Engadget’s review of Lumia 920 is “Unimpressively Ordinary” ?

You review the phone and talk in detail about the innovative features like “SuperSensitive Touchscreen”, “PureMotion HD+ display”, “PureView Camera with amazing low light performance, which is miles ahead of others and video capture which in your own terms is “crisp and amazingly stable”. You talk about “wireless charging” which is not available on most of the phones. But alas ! At last you conclude that it is a tie with some ordinary phone which provides none of the amazing experiences unique to Lumia 920.

It is truly disappointing Engadget. Truly ordinary stuff!!.

Nokia arguably offered up the best hardware for the last iteration of Windows Phone. Does it repeat that success here? Yes, but it ties with the HTC 8X for that honor. The Lumia 920 feels substantially chunkier, despite having similar by-the-number dimensions, but it remains another glorious piece of hardware from Nokia.

Yup, may be the daylight shots are not that great as low light shots are. But we have come across many comparisons already which prove that in many circumstances Lumia 920 takes better pictures than iPhone 5 and others even in daylight (We will cover that in next article). So, it rather be a tie, and then on top of that Engadget itself says:

  • Low light performance is great.
  • Video capture is amazingly stable.

So, it looks like 2:0 or if others insist 2:1, but still it is sure win for Lumia 920’s camera. Nokia made a point to market low light performance of Lumia 920, because that’s where the difference with other smartphones cameras is much clearly visible. It is hard to differentiate between images in daylight captured with two smartphones unless one of them is 808 PureView.

Other cons mentioned by the reviewer are also not that convincing:

Device feeling unwieldy, when it is hardly 25 gms more than Lumia 900 and they never said that about Lumia 900.

Sluggish refresh on social networking. No other reviewer has even complained about that ?

Seems that reviewer has done a good work in putting up the detailed review but the conclusion is awfully inaccurate. Even The verge has done slightly better work here.

Compare this review with iPhone 5’s review by Engadget and it looks as if iPhone 5 is a godsend phone with no cons at all. While we all know about iLost Maps, iScuff body that iPhone 5 was shipped with, it is not even mentioned in cons of the iPhone 5 review.



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  1. Engadget quality really went downhill in the months following up to and following the founding Engadget team members detecting to create their own brand new tech site, The Verge. Engadget is nigh-unreadable nowadays, sadly.

  2. alex

    Thanks for looking into this – I am iphone user getting ready to switch to the nokia 920. I am shocked at just the bias of these review sites – is this a US tech site feature? or do the european/asian tech sites also show bias? (I’m an American living in the US btw). I couldnt be more excited for these phones!

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