Communications Manager Nokia France confirms software tweak coming for enhancing Lumia 920 Daylight Camera performance.

Seems that Nokia has identified the reason behind less than expected daylight performance of Lumia 920′ Camera and will be fixing it soon. As complained by some reviewers and as is clear from some of the sample images that Lumia 920 is proving to be amazing at low light stills capture and overall video capture, but daylight pictures are suffering a bit from post processing. Though the daylight pictures are still reasonably good according to reviewers from Engadget, The Verge and CNET, if compared to competition, but doesn’t hold true to the high expectations with the Nokia “PureView” image.

Nokia France’ communication manager has confirmed in a reply over Twitter that they will be making adjustments to the daylight photo capture. This has been earlier claimed by Engadget also during their review of Lumia 920, but now seems a adjustment update is on its way soon as it is not a major issue and the aggressive noise reduction leading to loss of detail can be adjusted with software update.



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  7. keithlum

    I tweeted DAMIAN for the issue,but this guy seem not keen to discuss anything bout it…sad and disappointing !

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