Weekend Read: First ever review of Lumia 820. Pocket-lint absolutely loves it. Says, Nokia should rather promote this !!

So, first ever review of Lumia 820 (Correct me, If I am wrong :P) is out and the reviewer in question is Pocket-lint.com. They have done very detailed review of the device and have covered all the aspects neatly. Seems that they have really liked the Lumia 820 !! In fact they begin the review with the statement like this, which is very interesting :).

But visually, and technically, this phone is arguably more interesting than the 920, so we spent some time with one to find out if this is the phone you should buy from the Windows Phone 8 line-up.

They have liked the distinct design language, AMOLED display, different color options, MicroSD card slot option of the Lumia 820. They rate the 8 MP camera above average as compared to the smartphone competition. Dolby Headphone support and Supersensitive touch screen get separate mentions and reviewer shares “how he could really enjoy benefit of being able to use it with gloves personally and rates it pretty cool”.

Very Interesting overall read and the verdict is pretty interesting too :). In fact they recommend it highly, even suggesting If you are tempted by Windows Phone 8, this is the phone for you.

Nokia seemed to have been so focused on packing the Nokia Lumia 920 with as much tech as it could, that for us it forgot about what people might actually want from a phone.

Here, with the Lumia 820, that’s not the case. The micro SD card slot gives you plenty of storage for movies, photos, and music, while the removable battery gets you over any power issues you might have.

Add that to a great core operating system and a design that stands out on its own and you start to feel this is the phone Nokia should be putting all its efforts into promoting.

Agreed it isn’t the flagship and agreed the camera isn’t nearly anywhere as good as on the 920, but this is a phone you’ll be happy to use, a phone you’ll enjoy using, and besides a lack of third-party apps at the moment, a phone that for many people will be a fantastic phone they will enjoy for the next two years.

If you are tempted by Windows Phone 8, this is the phone for you.



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