Has Lumia 920 global bookings exceeded 2.5 million units in only 20 days.

It is “Tremendous”, if true !! According to a Yahoo China article, Lumia 920’s global bookings have already exceeded 2.5 million units only after 20 days of its release in the market. It might have also eclipsed 2.9 million units, all Lumias sold in last quarter. The article also reports that Nokia has launched Lumia 920 and 820 in Hong Kong market yesterday and it is available for booking starting Today.

With sold outs and topping the best sellers chart across major markets like US, UK, France, Germany, Australia have always indicated that Nokia is back in the game. But if the above news has got some authenticity, then it might very well change the game ;).

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  3. technopuppy

    That’s a good start. Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold more than 30 million in 5 months. I hope Nokia 920 does at least 10 million by the same time.

  4. if you can get this authenticated then please do. would like to re-blog this

    The Almighty’s Blessings

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