Ultimate “Live Concert” recording shootout. 808 PureView vs Lumia 920 PureView.

This is one hell of a comparison !! Two PureView devices fighting it out for the “Live Concert” recording champ crown !! Ok, without using any more dramatic words further, let me straight come to the point. Our Twitter friend @easycapexpertti has used 808 PureView mounted on a Tripod and Lumia 920 without a Tripod as it may not need one due to the OIS to capture the same Live Concert and has posted a great side by side video and audio comparison.

Now if you talk about audio quality then it is not difficult to pick a winner here. 808 and Lumia 920 both have 3 HAAC microphones for distortion free rich audio recording termed by Nokia as Rich-recording. Only difference is that 808 does in Stereo, while Lumia 920 is still not supported by OS and does it in Mono. So, the difference in audio quality is palpable. But Lumia 920 still blows away any other competitor phones by quite a margin.

Now coming to video recording each has got their own strengths. Lumia 920 captures very stable videos without need of a Tripod in most of the cases due to its OIS, but 808 PureView may need it in case the person holding it may not keep his hand steady. 808 shows its strength with “Lossless zooming” which has been demoed in the comparison video as well. So, difficult to a pick a winner here.

Lumia 920 may get a software update in future enabling “Stereo audio recording”. So it is up to you which device you want to use for recording best in class “Live concert” recording. But great news is that, it will be a Nokia, after all :).

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