Lumia 620 hands-on gallery and video. Has got HAAC mics and Dolby sound for great audio recording and music quality.


Engadget has posted hands-on images gallery and video of already hot favourite Lumia 620. They really have great first impressions of the device, it seems. You can check the image gallery by clicking the link here.

Check the hands-on video here,

One great addition to cool features of Lumia 620 is the rich-recording or HAAC microphones, which do the work on both PureViews 808 and Lumia 920 and also on Lumia 822, 820 and 810. This will be really great feature for a budget device like Lumia 620 to have and Nokia must take care to bring it out in promos. The other less promoted feature is “Dolby headphone” or “Dolby surround ” audio output which will give great music experience on Lumia 620 as well.

Thanks @easycapexpertti for the Tip!!


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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


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  3. Asiablue

    I am a long time Nokia fan from Taiwan.
    I so far have used 7 symbian phones.
    The only feature I want from a Nokia WP8 phone is an alarm clock while the phone is shut off – actually I don’t know the correct term for this special function.
    And this is the reason I still use symbian phones now.

  4. Jay M.

    These phones look really cool. Nokia has always been good at hardware, but its software was (I’m speaking carefully now because I know there are some fans on this site) not always the best. With WP8 software they are now incredibly well positioned in the market.

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  6. Did the HTC 8X help turn around HTC’s revenue nose dive?
    December 6, 2012 | By Surur


    HTC has finally reported a financial result which did not make analysts cry. For November they reported a boost in their monthly sales from $NT 17.21B in October to $NT 21.2 billion in November, up 23%.

    The sales generated $NT 4 billion (US $ 137M) in profit. The only significant product launch in this period was HTC 8X and 8S, suggesting to that Windows Phone may be responsible for the turn around.

    Of course HTC is still down Year On Year, but if Windows Phone is indeed responsible for their improved sales numbers (rather than their new 1080p Android phone) we can only hope this will stimulate a greater commitment to the OS by the Taiwanese company.

    This is imortant news for NOKIA because this data confirms demand for widows 8 mobile devices….


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