Lumia 920 holds 4 out of top 5 positions in Phonehouse France’s Bestselling top 50 list now.


It is just getting better in France.We have informed how Lumia 920 has been topping the Phonehouse France’s best-selling list for over one month. Now it holds 4 out of 5 top positions amongst top 50 phones, which is amazing sales performance for the week ending 02 December.

Great to see the demand for Lumia 920 just getting better!!

Thanks @easycapexpertti and Michael Prince for the Tip. Cheers!!



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  1. paul hogan

    i’m also a huge nokia fan, & have virtually used nokias all my life..i know the phones so well that i often joke that i can work in their service centers.. i think nokia greatly underestimated the demand for the lumia 920, its scarcity in many, many countries may soon start affecting sale figures. long wait times & sold out colors are all too common.. the holidays are approaching & pple might be tempted to get an alternative..
    i patiently wait for my yellow lumia 920 to ship out, 3 weeks after i ordered!!!

    De la Vega also said the company has “worked through” its supply issues with Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL ) most recent offering, the iPhone 5. He added that sales of competing devices such as Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK ) Lumia 920 — which the telecom provider carries exclusively — have been strong lately.
    Additionally, de la Vega said the shared-data plans introduced several months ago are popular, adding roughly 5 million customers since launch.

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