“WIFI keepalive” and “call blocking” settings present on new WP8 build of Lumia 920T.


It seems much demanded “wifi always on” feature is already a part of new WP8 builds. It has now been found to be present on Lumia 920T after earlier being reported to be seen on “HTC 8S“. Apart from this Lumia 920T has a Call Blocking list which allows users to intercept calls or SMS messages and apply rules to them including blocking them. The call blocking seems to be an added feature to WP8 software done by Nokia on its devices only.

Knowing Nokia, we may see thee features coming soon to other WP8 devices as software updates.



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  1. torcida


    sorry for OT, but I just want to share my new picture-comparison with you (808 vs N9):

    Cheers 🙂

  2. http://rkukmedia.co.uk/2012/12/07/nokia-lumia-920-demand-still-high-as-clove-uk-sell-out-of-second-batch/

    Nokia Lumia 920 demand still high as Clove UK sell out of second batch!

    If anyone had doubts of the Nokia Lumia 920 demand, Clove UK will definitely vouch for it, with their entire first batch sold out in days, and this their second batch sold out before they even arrived, it’s fair to say, many of you out there want the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 flagship.

    The picture showed above was tweeted and shared through Instagram by Clove UK themselves;

    Just a fraction of what we are shipping today. Working to get all orders out #nokialumia920 http://instagr.am/p/S7YJNSuejU/

    You can register to be notified when the next shipment becomes available here, but in the mean time Clove has also gathered a supply of Nokia accessories supporting Wireless Charging and use of NFC, including the JBL PowerUP Speaker, which costs, £237.49 (£284.99 inc. VAT), which is wireless, not only for the Bluetooth connection, but also for charging your Nokia Lumia 920.

    Nokia was widely expected to resolve their Nokia Lumia 920 shortages this week, this shipment may be part of that easement. Hopefully anyone who wants a Lumia 920 will not be able to lay their hands on one.

  3. People around Europe is search for nokia, 400 000 views more than yesterday, yesterday total views was around 520 000 and today is around 920 000…….

  4. Popularity of lumia is more evident, lumia new models are selling like sweets, top list of UK 5 phones, Nokia is at top 1,3,4 place, demand for nokia is huge

    And onther article for but from Swiss analyst

    Nokia winner

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