Lumia 920 sold out at Amazon China. Almost gone at


Amazon China says that Lumia 920 advance orders have surprised them. They are sold out of first 1000 stock which will ship in late December.The pre-orders booked after 12th December will ship only in Januar 2013.


One more retailer which had about 1500 Lumia 920 in stock at start of the pre-order by Nokia, now only has 60 left in inventory. We don’t have data from other retailers, but seems like a strong start yet again in a new market.

Lumia 920 is available to pre-order at 3 more retailers since yesterday. Also we don’t have data for Lumia 920T yet, which may be getting equal or better  reception. But the data from above two shows that it already may have raked in good numbers.

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  6. True. also, these are just online sales numbers for only lumia 920 that too on only two retailers.

  7. Michael Prince

    Agreed – success would be 2500 sold in minutes … but … these are pre-orders and I’m not sure how significant these channels are. It’s like measuring Amazon US or Best buy smartphone sales, it’s not a big player … just an idea of what is happening elsewhere.

  8. RA

    how is that a strong start ? 2500 in one day ? sounds like really low supply in a huge market. I have the black 920 … industrial design is probably the best i have seen so far.

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