Clove taking order for 3rd stock of Lumia 920 due Mid January. Lumia 920 top selling phone at Expansys UK.


Clove  has started taking order for 3rd stock of unlocked Lumia 920 after selling out of earlier two stocks in matter of hours to days. The stock is due Mid January and  Black, Red and White color models are on order.



In another good news from UK, unlocked Lumia 920 is top-selling phone at Expansys, UK and both the colors Black and White hold top 2 positions in the list.

Source Clove     Expansys


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  1. Geeks

    The problem in the US is that L920 is exclusive to ONE carrier – ATT. Even the unlocked version won’t run on T-Mobile!!! Online sellers are selling for ATT and the stock seems to be limited.

    I have no clue how Expansys France could be selling for two months non-stop and L920 always occupying Top 1,2,3 positions without being out of stock even once… Actually, select any L920 color on their site any time during the day and you’ll see that 6-17 other people are also browsing the same product….

  2. Tiago

    I understand that. Still, all phones at Expansys share the same price issue as they are all unlocked. In the US it is all about phones under contract but then I would expect to see the NL 920 doing well in rankings of the likes of Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, given the low price when compared to S3 and IPhone5 (on contract sales). Is there something else that could hurting sales, in the US, besides the evident lack of supply demonstrated by the “out of stock” and “ships when available” titles?
    Don’t get me wrong, i will really love to see Nokia prosper on these new wonderfull phones but I’m trying to understand if there are some reasons for the explosion of sales to be unequal accross the globe…

  3. Tiago

    If you change the country and look for the same Top20 charts, you will see NL 920 in the first position in one out if three European countries (if not more)… Actually, it is just lagging in the US, but that could be also due to lack of supply. Does anyone know if Nokia has made a deliberate decision to focus on Europe and Asia (exc. japan)? Was ther any kind of a rift between Nokia and Best buy after the initial price publication mess, by Best Buy?

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