AT&T users report sharper picture quality from both FFC and Rear cam post PR1.1 update. (MS+Nokia) Full Changelog.


Nokia has released the official changelog for the PR1.1 update rolling out for AT&T and Rogers variants of Lumia 920.

  • Enhancements in Messaging
  • More efficient and reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • More efficient and reliable start-up sequence
  • Enhancements in imaging performance and battery management
  • Additional platform updates and enhancements

There are improvements brought by Microsoft as well.

Messaging improvements :

You can now add multiple recipients at the same time when you send a text message and automatically save unsent text messages as drafts. You can even edit received text messages before you forward them.

Text replies to incoming calls:

Now you can send a prewritten text reply to a caller directly from the  call answer screen.

Internet Explorer improvements:

You can now change your settings to prevent pictures from downloading automatically. You can also delete selected sites from        your browsing history and leave the rest intact.

Wi-Fi connectivity:

Always on feature. Windows Phone 8 will now prioritize Wi-Fi  connections based on your connection history.

Now, most of the Lumia 920 owners were expecting enhancement in daylight picture quality of rear camera. Seems there was indeed an issue with the aggressive noise reduction due to post processing algorithms, because now users are reporting that there is marked improvement in FFC’s imaging quality as well along with the Rear camera. If you remember our guess about the “loss of details” in daylight images was about the aggressive noise reduction only. So, as the post processing software has been tweaked, both rear and front cameras are delivering sharper images with better white balance.

Moral of the story!! Nokia need to wow unlocked and branded Lumia 920 owners in other markets as well, that too, pretty soon !!

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  5. ofentsel

    Uhmmmm, I don’t yet own a Lumia 920 but I will soon, did they fix the “only copies 4gig of video to PC”?!… Here’s the link pls check if u’ve updated.

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