Walmart raises the price of Lumia 920 to $239.99. Still makes it to the best-selling “cell phones with plans” list.


Walmart has just got the Lumia 920 back in stock and that too in Black only. But seems spurted by good demand they have quoted the highest price for Lumia 920 in USA. It is $239.99 with a new AT&T account. It is really surprising move considering Amazon is selling it for a price of $39.99. More surprising though is to see Lumia 920 on best-selling “cell phones with plans” list !!




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  4. Michael Prince

    It was completely removed from the site, that’s why it wasn’t there. I think when they put it back, it was still showing as a best-seller based on previous sales.

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  6. Michael Prince

    I think that it’s still on the best selling list from previous sales. Glad to see it back though.

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