Huge Demand sees Lumia 920 selling at higher than normal prices at Amazon China and Walmart, USA.



Biased Analysts who have shorted “Nokia” shares want to bring the share prices down, so that they can make money. For this, they are trying to show that Lumias are getting sold at discounts while that is the most stupid lie, one might have ever heard. We have published proofs contrary to that. Today also if you check the Amazon China listing of Lumia 920, you can note that Lumia 920 is being sold at 200 Yuan higher price than normal price of 4599 Yuan, and China is the biggest smartphone market in the world.

Even in USA from where these analysts are citing examples, Walmart is selling Lumia 920 at $239.90 which is $139 higher than normal AT&T price of $99.99, and even now it is in their best-selling list.

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Also, read our other article, from which we are presenting following eye-opener paragraph,

Now, on checking it seems Bestbuy is selling iPhone 5 at $50 discount and Lumia 920 without discount. Also at Amazon, SGS III is going for $59 with a huge discount of $149 over the carrier price. So, may be WSJ and co should be more worried about deep discount on Samsung and Apples’s products than singling out Lumias !!

As Nokians, what we can certainly do is to share this article with as many people as possible, which can at least misspell these lies.



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  2. tomas

    The practice of spreading false information about stocks, to drive down their prices, is called “short and distort.” The Wall Street Journal has very little facts to back up the claim that Lumia is discounted because of low demand. First we all know the problem worlwide last month has been short supply, not poor demand.
    Lets take T-mobile first. Yes, Lumia 810 was free on contract for a very short period. In fact that promo ended the day after the misleading article in WSJ was written. He knew, that WSJ journo, but did not mention it. Lumia 920 sells for 99 dollars at ATT, and comes with a wireless charger included. Value for charger is 50 dollars. Amazon sells the Lumia 920 for 39 without charger. A very common practise by Amazon to be a bit cheaper, 10 dollars here. The galaxy 3 has a bigger “discount” than Lumia 920 at We have to keep in mind that the real price without contract for those phones are around 600-700 dollars. In Sweden the iphone 5 is given away… with contract! WSJ do point out that Lumia 820 is given away” at T-mobile. Well not anymore now.

    Sorry to say this but i think The Wall Street Journal is involved in something close to stock fraud in this case. Barrons has an article that is copy of WSJ more or less. Those papers have the same owner.


    I will but this article to all my dear stock friends!!

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