Lumia 800 top selling phone for the year 2012 at Elisa, Finland.Lumia 920 tops “Enterprises sales” for December.


Elisa, the major operator in Finland has released its yearly and December month sales rankings and guess what Lumias hold the sway at the top in most of the cases. Lumia 800 is the top-selling phone for the year 2012 in case of private customers, while ranks 2nd just behind Nokia C2-01 in case of enterprise customers.

Private customers the year 2012 top sellers phones: 1. Nokia X 800 2. Apple iPhone 4S 3. Nokia C2-01 4. Samsung Galaxy S (III) 5. Samsung Galaxy S II

Business customers by the end of 2012 top sellers phones: 1. Nokia C2-01 2. Nokia X 800 3. Apple iPhone 4S 4. Nokia E7-00 5. Apple iPhone 5


Lumia 920 has topped the Enterprise customer’s best-selling list for the month of December, but is at no. 3 behind iPhone 5 and Lumia 800 in case of private customers. This may be due to the supply issues as many are still waiting for their Lumia 920 to be delivered after waiting for nearly 3-4 weeks.

Elisa’s best-selling private customers phones in December 2012:  1. Apple iPhone 5 2. Nokia X 800 3. Nokia X 920 4. Samsung Galaxy S III Mini 5. Samsung Galaxy S (III) 6. Nokia 311 7. Samsung Galaxy Gio 8. Nokia X 900 9. Apple iPhone 4S 10. Samsung Galaxy S II 11. Nokia C2-01 12. a Xcover Samsung Galaxy 13. Apple iPhone 4 14. Nokia 330 15. the ZTE Blade III

Elisa’s enterprise customers ‘ best-selling phones in December 2012:
1. Nokia X 920 2. Apple iPhone 5 3. Nokia C2-01 4. Nokia X 800 5. Apple iPhone 4S 6. Nokia X 900 7. Nokia X 610 8. Samsung Galaxy Xcover Samsung Xcover 271 9. 10. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. ” 11. Samsung Galaxy S (III) 12. Nokia 330 13. Samsung Galaxy S II 14. Nokia 311 15. Huawei arm curl attachment F610



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