Lumia 920 tops “Best seller in AT&T” chart at Amazon. Good demand sees Amazon raising the price to $99.99.


I have really start worrying for those writers from likes of Forbes and Mashables and WSJs ;). Now, how will they prove that demand for Lumias is less in USA market. Just yesterday we saw Lumia 822 staying in the top sellers list at Verizon  and now Amazon hikes the price of Lumia 920 to full $99.99. But the best part is that in spite of this price rise Lumia 920 continues to top the “Best sellers in AT&T” list, beating much more discounted devices on the list.

Shame on such biased writers which are so ill-informed and just try to make a mountain out of a molehill.





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  1. siros

    i see nokia 920 at no 27 black not no1 which is very low ranking jan 4 2013

  2. Michael Prince

    Let’s not do the same but with the opposite argument. You can see that the $239.99 price at walmart has killed the 920. I do agree, for some reason there was a sales spike when the device went to $99 from $39, but just like I doubt the $39 price was because of bad sales, I don’t think the $99 price is because of good sales either. I think they move it around so that it doesn’t get stale.

    • theflew

      Of course $239.99 is going to kill it. Who in their right mind would pay $239.99 for it when you could get it for $99 at Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, etc…?

  3. Hehe, great to see continued demand. Q1 2013 should be very good indeed with news out of China and this.

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