“Supply constraints” hit Lumia 920 volumes in Q4.AT&T had “significant supply issues.Confirms Nokia in conference call.


It is nothing to cheer about but seems the “supply constraint of some components” was really an issue with Lumia 920’s volume. CEO Elop has confirmed in a post “press-release” conference call that Nokia was hit by short supplies of some of its new phones, including the Lumia 920. They specially mentioned AT&T having “significant supply issues” with the Lumia 920.

Elop also said, the firm would have sold more Lumia handsets if it could have met the demand. The shortage was not only cause by cautious ordering, he added, but there had also been a lack of adequate supplies of some components. We are working with suppliers and operators to work through the situation today.

Elop also said he is pleased with the initial response to the new Lumia devices and  Nokia plans to begin ramping up on deliveries of the smartphones and entering  new markets.

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  4. ofentsel

    well i hope this year Nokia will deliver Lumia the way iPhones and Sammy’s are delivered… but at least it gives Nokia hope that ppl still consider it… 😉

    • TeckDevil

      Seeing Improvements.. Their worldwide availability has improved.. Products are bringing more innovation.. Pricing is kinda getting good. Over all, their advertising has now improved drastically, instead of just promoting a phone, they advertise the special features.

      And and the best thing – The Customer Care! Nokia Care Centers are yet to improve, but the care helpline are just so great! Oh man just try asking a query from them and they will be so happy and kind to sort all that out for you 🙂 Thanks to them they solved some spare part issues to which Nokia Care already said No.

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