Updated: Stock of Red and Yellow Lumia 920 to arrive on 19th. Sold out at official “Nokia shop”, Flipkart and MobileStore in India.


Our reader “Dagonet” has confirmed from Nokia priority stores in three cities that they may be getting Red and Yellow Lumia 920 back in stock on or after 19th January. Even other retail stores have confirmed that they will receive some stock on 19th January. Signs of Lumia 920 production ramp up and much better supply are getting more visible now!!

Thanks Dagonet for the heads-up !!


We informed that Lumia 920 is getting excellent initial traction in India. Now, Red and Yellow color models have proved to be more popular like everywhere else and have sold out at major retailers like Flipkart, The Mobilestore and even the official Nokia Shop. This may be a test for Nokia’s supply chain now to replenish the out of stock colors as soon as possible. Check the links below,

Nokia Shop Link

Flipkart Link

MobileStore Link

Not only this even after being more expensive than any other Android Flagships, Lumia 920 has made its way to best sellers smartphones list at Flipkart.



About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


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  2. Dan

    The yellow 920 is now being black marketed! I called a guy who says he has 5 pcs of yellow and is not willing to sell it below 45K… I fell like going to that guy and beating the shit out him! Arghhh

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  4. mohanrevo

    both the lumia 920 and 820 goes out of stock across india. Check the link http://t.co/YE1LvQR8

  5. Still today, all the mobiles including all colors goes out of stock. Both The Nokia 920 and Nokia 820 . check th blog http://t.co/YE1LvQR8

  6. ayon1200

    how many sold 6-8 pcs

  7. Dagonet

    Looks like Red and Yellow will be available only after 19th Jan, check in Priority showrooms in three cities(Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai). Other retailers too said they will be getting more stock on 19th Jan.

  8. san

    we sold all the stock on launch day itself

  9. Sorry but this is due to Shortage of supplies .. I have confirmed with many.

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