China Mobile confirms huge demand for Lumia 920T.Sadly, Nokia only able to meet 1/3 of the orders placed in January.


Don’t know what is happening here, but seems that Nokia is still not able to match the demand of Lumia 920T in China. This is surprising as we can notice improvements in supplies to Australia, Europe and USA and even in China in case of Lumia 920. In case of China Mobile the supply inconsistency may hit Nokia hard. China Mobile’s spokeswoman has let few interesting revelations out and there is both good news and bad news here.

So, good news is huge demand for Lumia 920T and bad news is that Nokia’s supply is not even able to take care of 1/3 of the orders placed in January. Not only this, even many China Mobile stores are not able to get the Lumia 920T in stock. Worst part is that Nokia may miss out on the Chinese New Year shopping season (10th Feb and weeklong holiday), which is as big as Christmas holiday season for USA.

According to Li Yan, a China Mobile spokeswoman while 90,000 Lumia 920T models were ordered through Jan. 30, Nokia only shipped 30,000. “Nokia’s production is still very low and supply isn’t meeting demand at this point,” China Mobile’s Li said in a Feb. 1 interview. “Many of our stores don’t have any units.”

Nokia really needs to get their act together here !!



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  4. ratata

    Thanks Charles, keep us updated

  5. Charles

    I am tracking Chinese web sites like, and everyday. I have noticed 920T has supply issue from the beginning. and most of the Chinese web sites marked it as out of stock. I am also tracking user reviews for 920T. looks like they all complaining about delay for the delivery. Since most of the web sites mark 920T as out of stock and do not take any pre-order or orders, that may explain why Bloomberge say it is 90,000 units.

    But, on the bright side, Lumia 920,802 and 620 are selling quite well on China Unicom ( which have about 400 million subscribers in China ). Some of the web sites mark 920 as out of stock starting from yesterday. I will keep track of it in the coming days.

  6. Neel

    But as far as i know .. china mobile is offering 920t for free. Isn’t it safe to assume its doing better than 920?

    • Even Lumia 920 is free on China unicom plans. Also the availability and no. of retailers selling Lumia 920 is much more. In fact China Mobile has started getting supplies only in mid to late January as compared to Lumia 920 which landed in Decemebr.

  7. Neel

    Does this means if we assume 10 times of this supply worldwide – lumia 920 sold only 300,000 models in January? I love nokia but that seems like a very small number.

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