Nokia India teases about Lumia 620 on its Twitter account. May be arriving soon.


So, what will you do If you are Nokia and people are excited like crazy about your certain phone. If you are Nokia, then you will kill the excitement with longer than expected wait and turn it into frustration :P. That’s what has happened in case of Lumia 620 in India. We have seen Lumia 920 and 820 getting strong traction everywhere and for a price sensitive market like India, Lumia 620 is like a godsend fully packed Nokia quality device !! So, many Nokia fans are eagerly waiting for Lumia 620 to arrive (now utterly frustrated).

Anyways, good news is that now Nokia India has woken up from slumber and have posted a teaser on its Twitter account, which says,

A little less than 710 and just over 610… Any guess what we’re talking about? Stay tuned for more… #SwitchToLumia.

So, it seems Lumia 620 may be heading to the stores soon,  finally. Just hope it is sooner than later !!



About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. Sachin

    Am frustrated + worried about pricing.
    13 K – will buy with a smiling face
    14 K – will buy with a straight face
    15 K – will buy reluctantly
    16 K & above – WILL NOT BUY! May be a very good phone, but not for me.

    I think there many people like. Hope somebody at Nokia is listening.

  2. vinit

    add me too in the frustrated customer list…..plz nokia S3 mini will be launching on 14th….keep ur pricing acc.

  3. Are they hinting about the original price(when they got in the market) of 710,610 or the current price?? can anyone care to explain? 🙂 if they are hinting with the current price, then its amazing, i wont believe tht 😀

  4. singhnsk

    LOL sounds like Nokia heard my comment written earlier this morning 🙂
    Hope 620 gets launched very soon and at a competiting price too 🙂 Earlier i was going to get it as soon as launched, but maybe now wait for nokia’s display at MWC 😀

  5. Apoorv

    +1 to the frustrated user list. I have been waiting for this phone a tad too long now along with two of my friends. When they launched Nokia 820 and 920 in India on 10th January I was hopeful that it would be launched in last week of Jan, Then came the news it would be launched by 2nd week of feb in india

    What is more frustrating is to see this device getting launched in Russia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, SA, UK….the list goes on. The say India is going to be 2nd biggest market for phones and Nokia phones are preferred here. If this is the way Nokia treat its customers in India I’m sorry to say they won’t be gaining market any time soon. My friends have already bought sony experia handsets. Waiting till end of this week or even I’ll buy an Android phone. Wake up nokia, will you. 😦

    • seriously i agree with you. waiting with one of my friend and fucked up hearing them launching the phone in other countries. and now thinking of going for canvas hd specs looks good but will wait for some reviews.

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