Gartner and IDC release Smartphone shipment and sales figures for Q4 2012. Nokia shipped 76% of Windows phone.


IDC and Gartner have released the smartphones shipment and sales figures for whole of the year 2012 and Q4 2012 as well. IDC shows the Windows Phone devices shipment to be 6.0 million and Gartner has put the sales figure to be 6.18 million. So good to see that whatever has been shipped by windows phone device manufacturers was sold completely. IDC confirms that Nokia was responsible for shipping 76% of the devices, which makes Lumia shipments to be 6*0.76= 4.5 million which is certainly close to 4.4 million figure disclosed by Nokia for Q4 2012.

According to IDC Windows phone market share has grown by 150% year on year while Gartner puts it at 124% year on year. Whichever way it is good growth for Windows Phone and Nokia is obviously the major force behind it.


Gartner link

IDC link


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  1. jeff

    Nokia just needs to get past the supply issues, “which i believe it has” and in Q1 make up the difference between losing the symbian os with the newer win8. It looks like win8 and Nokia will produce better results next time this report comes out.

  2. pepe

    You projected: “4 million WP8 + 4 million WP7”, you missed by almost 4 million!. Are you disappointed?

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