Brazil welcomes Lumia 920, 820 and 620 launch with long in-store queues.Lumia 920 sold out in-store and online !!


This is really encouraging sight !! Buyers queuing up in stores for Lumia WP8 devices in Brazil. The three Lumias 920, 820 and 620 have been launched on 20th Feb here and as informed by the source blog it seems that most of the buyers were buying Lumia 920 only. This has led to Lumia 920 getting sold out in stores and online as well.

Even, Nokia officially seems to have confirmed that pre-sales of Lumia 920 have been  excellent and devices have sold-out. It is also good to know that Lumia 920 and 820 will support future roll-out of LTE in country.

Almir Luiz Narcizo, Nokia Brazil’s general manager said that Now, we have an excellent portfolio. Be careful Samsung and Apple because we are now extremely competitive.” His optimism about the Brazilian market is based on “excellent pre-sales of Lumia 920 and devices have sold-out.” However, Narcizo did not reveal specific sales numbers. Nokia also relies on LTE services for future launches since the Lumia 920 and 820 are compatible with 2.6 GHz frequency band, which is Brazil’s chosen spectrum for LTE. Apple’s iPhone 5 does not use this frequency band.


It is worth noting that all Lumia WP8 devices have come to the Brazil market without subsidies and are retailing between U.S.$1,000 and $460, which is quite expensive. But, surprisingly not only in stores even online Lumia 920 is not available now in Brazil as can be seen in the below screenshot. So, it seems Nokia may still be able to get good ASP and good sales numbers in Q1 report ;).

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