Innovations that make Lumia 720’s cameras (Rear +Front) incredible !! Official sample photos.


In case you are drooling over the “Low-light” prowess of Lumia 720’s 6.7 MP camera, then you must be interested to know the tech and innovations that makes it click. Juha Alakarhu, Nokia’s head of imaging technologies has revealed the innovations that has gone into making mid-range Lumia 720′ camera better competitor’s flagships 😛 . So, here it goes!!  We have captured important points for you,

 6.7 megapixel sensor was the perfect sweet spot for this sleek-design camera.

The key innovation has been increasing the aperture to f/1.9. This is the biggest aperture on any Nokia smartphone.

Latest back illuminated technology (BSI sensor) and the true 16:9 mode that no other handset manufacturer but Nokia has.

Clever noise reduction and sharpening algorithms to keep the images as natural as possible in all conditions.”

Not only this even the “Front camera has  BSI sensor 🙂 .

Only front facing camera in the world that is using four physical lenses to get the best possible sharpness.

Front facing camera has an aperture size of f/2.4 and the sensor is also back illuminated. The wide-angle lens means that you won’t just be able to take portraits of yourself but there will also be room for a friend too!

Now some sample photos shared in the article,







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  2. Barry

    what is the link to the article? thanks.

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