Leaked “Verizon internal document” confirms high-end Lumia 928 coming to Verizon. We guess a late March launch.


Thing are falling in place slowly. The RM-860 first revealed by us was confirmed to have Lumia 920’s 1280×768 resolution and its Verizon branding. Later it passed through FCC with Verizon’s band and The Verge has reported that it will be called Lumia 928.




Now PhoneArena has been tipped with the above image which shows info from Verizon’s internal system. It has Lumia 822 entries and last entry is for Lumia 928 which has been made on 17th January. In the above image, Lumia 822 in Red has an entry date of 28th November, but it was released on 23rd January by Verizon. So, may be the Lumia 928 launch is not far away and may be close to beyond mid of March we can see the launch.


Thanks Abhi for the Tip. Cheers !!


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  4. Shawn

    I currently have a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile) and am anxiously awaiting the 928 on Verizon. Due to the coverage in my area, I need to switch to Verizon and as a NOK shareholder, I want a flagship NOK phone. I recently purchased a W8 laptop and am looking forward to the intergration between my new phone and my new laptop

  5. jeff

    Many have been waiting for a comparable phone of the 920’s nature in my area. Now that Verizon will carry the 928, many people will want it.

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