New Firmware bearing “GDR2” name for Lumia 920 appears on NaviFirm. Brings sharper photos and fix to “Other storage” issue.


A new firmware has appeared at NaviFirm for Lumia 920. Just sometime back , we could see it on NaviFirm for RM-820, RM-821 and RM-822. But, now it has been withdrawn for other variants, but it still is there for RM-821. The build no. is 1232.5957.1308.17 and most interesting part about the name of this variant is “GDR2” mentioned in the name. So, Portico update being GDR1, is this the rumored “GDR2update from Microsoft ? Obviously it will have Firmware number from Nokia, but looks like Windows Phone 8 devices will receive their second OS update pretty soon.

What it may bring ? May be the changes mentioned by Joe Belfiore from MS in his tweets and more !!


Few eagle-eyed users have already flashed their Lumia 920 with above mentioned firmware and report two most obvious changes. Users are reporting much better sharpness and color balance in images captured with updated Lumia 920 as compared to Lumia 920 running Portico . Check the comparison samples reported in WPCentral forum.




Users from China, who have flashed their devices are reporting some new settings with a  “clear” button to dump and clean out your system cache. System will also periodically clean the temporary file dump which will help in keeping that “Other storage” in control automatically.


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