Lumia 920 and 820 demand check in China. Still outselling competition on major retailers TMall, Suning and Dixintong !!


This week also we are bringing a report about demand and sales performance of Lumia 820 and 920 in China. Above chart is from major retailer “Suning“, where Cyan Lumia 920 is topping the flagship smartphone sales chart. Even Yellow, White and Red Lumia 920 are in Top 10. Lumia 920T has sold out in all colors except than White.

Suning link


TMall chart also shows a similar trend . Lumia 820 is the top seller followed by Lumia 920.

TMall link


At China’s largest phone retailer chain called “D.Phone” aka “Dixintong“ which has extensive nationwide retail coverage, Lumia 820 and 920 are still topping the chart.

Dixintong link

It is really great to see both Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 outselling competitor phones at three of the largest retailers in China. Improved supply from Nokia is a big relief and is certainly boosting sales everywhere and China is no exception !!


About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. Erika

    I appreciate all the information you provide in your blog. I’m a longtime Nokia fan. Do you have any information about the sales by China Mobile though? I understand that’s the most important carrier in China. I don’t understand Chinese but when I browse the China Mobile website I don’t see the Lumia anywhere. According to some reports there is not much marketing done in China Mobile stores for the Lumia 920T. Thanks for any insight that you can provide.

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  3. Rakesh

    I also visit this website more than once a day. Actually every few hours. Keep us posted about Nokia and its recovery efforts. I do see it is getting stronger. me, My wife, and my dad bought 3 Lumia 920s in US. Also my friend owns one. and he convince 3 of his co workers. one of my friend is waiting for New Nokia flagship to come on verizon(920 Variant).

  4. NH

    Kamal, interesting stuff. Your site’s quickly becoming one that I visit on a regular basis.

  5. Nokfan1603

    I am a bit sceptical about your information. For example regarding the Suning Store, the filter has been put at 4300 Yuan to 5000 Yuan, favoring extremely Lumia 920 and taking out flagships like Note2 or iphone 4S and others which are below or above this price range. I like your site, but please try to keep it serious.

  6. Hear hear. I am starting to believe that Nokia will surprise the markets on the upside.

  7. Jay

    Looking forward to mid April when Q1 results are announced.

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