Update: PhoneArena poll data corrected. Lumia 920 still leading the poll with 43.24% votes.



Finally, PhoneArena has corrected the poll data and it looks much more realistic now with total 13904 votes !! Great news is that Lumia 920 is still the preferred choice of voters and is leading with 43 % votes now leaving the SGS 4 at second place.


This is totally mind-blowing and even to certain extent unbelievable result of a poll !! After Samsung has just revealed its new Flagship SGS 4, PhoneArena has conducted a poll asking about, “Now that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is official, which high-end smartphone would you buy?” Contenders are HTC One, SGS 4, Lumia 920 and iPhone 5. And surprisingly no Nokia/WP blog including us has reported this as per our information goes !! So, when you vote and see the results, Lumia 920 obliterates all others with 97.9% votes :P. Now, we certainly don’t know how and what of the results. Let us wait for what PhoneArena has to say about this.

In the meantime you can check the poll here.


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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


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  3. Geeks

    I feel threatened by the poll because I am the only one in my office using a Windows phone (Lumia 920) and I prefer to be the only one using the latest technology at my work place. When I send word documents from my phone, others cannot open them with their DROID/iPhone until they’re back to their desktop!!!

  4. Looks like there is a web bot sending out a vote for Lumia each second.
    If >97% had a Lumia, I would sell mine and get an understatement Asha… 😉

  5. eeteet

    I wonder who are those 2.1% who want anything else than Lumia.

  6. krishna6233

    great!!if ppl re tat much interested!

  7. awaiK

    This poll is definitely faked.

  8. jaq

    probably manipulated. 😉

  9. wow temp. 571506 votes for Nokia lumia 920

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