Nokia China’s official “Jingdong Mall” to open Lumia 520 booking on March 25 for Yuan 1299 (209 USD).


It seems 25th March is date when Lumia 520 will be available to order in ChinaNokia’s official “Jingdong Mall” store has listed the device in 3 colors and for a cool price of Yuan 1299 which is 100 less than earlier revealed prices. After pricing it really aggressively in India, Nokia wants to take China by surprise as well !!

Lumia 520 is the cheapest Lumia WP8 smartphone with great design, fast dual-core processor from it bigger siblings like Lumia 620 and 720 and high-end Super sensitive touch screen (Works with anything including gloves).

Lumia 520 link


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  1. sri_tech

    I think they are really going for volumes. They are pricing the 520 very well.
    620 was launched at Y1999 ($320). But 520 is Y1299($210) is significantly cheaper than 620.
    According to WPDANG, 720 will be available mid-April for Y2399($387) which is not much higher than 620.

    This time they are launching both the devices simultaneously in many countries.

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  3. jeff

    Seems lowering the price by 100 means that supply will be there. Lots of sales of the 520 are coming. Great way to get Windows platform to many people. More insentive for app builders to create for win8 phones.

  4. Nuron

    So it seems the cheapest price for Lumia 520 is in India ..:)

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