POV: PureView Lumia with 41 MP sensor may run on mighty “Snapdragon 800 processor” and support 4kx2k UHD video.


If Nokia has to create a Lumia PureView device with that “41 MP sensor” then it is not possible with the Snapdragon processors, Nokia is currently using in Lumia 920 and others. Not only this even with any other S4 processor, it is not possible as maximum they can support is up to 20/21 MP camera sensors. Coming to even the latest processors from Snapdragon family, there is only one which can do that, the mightiest “Snapdragon 800”. Only, this quad-core processor can support upto 55 MP sensor. Even the Snapdragon 600 which is being used for latest Android flagships like HTC One and SGS 4 can support only till 21 MP.

So, it seems until Nokia finds some way to make it possible somehow with S4 processors, which seems highly unlikely, it has to be Snapdragon 800 all the way. There is one more possibility that if Nokia gets a customized chip from some other manufacturer, which again is highly unlikely as Microsoft has allowed only Snapdragon processors for Windows Phone yet.

So, can you imagine this ? A WP8 Lumia running on quad-core Snapdragon chipset. It will simply blow away every benchmark out there. Dual-core S4 plus processor running Lumia 920’s performance is hard to match for even latest quad-core and octa-core Androids. So, Lumia PureView is a certainly a next generation device for Nokia with Monster camera and Monster performance !!

Keep in mind this is certainly possible if that 41 MP Lumia runs a Snapdragon processor. If, not then Nokia must have  found a workaround to avoid using latest processor and knowing Nokia, this is not impossible ;).


About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. Wow Nokia continues to amaze me

  2. krishna6233

    only minus is the os …wp8 😦

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  4. rishabh

    if this is true then the EOS would destroy any phone on the f’king planet!

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  6. eli

    yea and 4k recording along with that massive sensor…

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