That was fast !! Cyan Lumia 520 sold out on pre-order in China.


Lumia 520 went on pre-order yesterday at Nokia’s official online “Jingdong Mall” shop and guess what, the Cyan model is already sold out. As the notification on top of the pre-order page says,

First round of booking is complete! Has been successfully scheduled orders, expected in early April after the arrival, issued one after another! Please be patient! Yellow and black may continue to book!

So, it seems delivery will be in early April only and Black and Yellow models are still available to pre-order. Now, we don’t think Nokia will start Lumia 520 pre-orders with small volume, so it is really good news.

Lumia 520 link


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  4. Vlad

    Why wouldn’t nokia Start the preorders with a small volume? I mean that’s what Elop has done with the 920, 820 and the 620 so why would you think the 520 would be any different? You think elop all of a sudden grew some business sense?

    • Lumia 820 and 620 didn’t face supply issues. Even if they were sold out, got replenished in 2-4 days. It was only Lumia 920 which faced severe supply constraints, mostly due to some component supply issues. So, Lumia 520 will naturally start with much higher volume than any of the pricier Lumias.

  5. jeff

    This is nuts!

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