Lumia 920 one of the top selling smartphone at Orange, France. Lumia 800 and 920 top sellers at Virgin Mobile.


We are already into Q2 of 2013 and Lumia 920 is in its 6th month of release. Now, let us see how is it fairing in terms of sales at two major operators in France, now. Above screenshot is from Orange, France which shows top-selling smartphones at the carrier. Lumia 920 still is one of Five top-selling devices at Orange.

Orange France link


At Virgin Mobile, surprisingly Lumia 800 is getting lots of love from buyers. Lumia 920 is one of top sellers along with some newer flagships like Z10 and Xperia Z. It still outsells SGS III and Note II at the carrier.

Virgin Mobile link

So, seems in France, Lumia 920 is still hot and going strong even in Q2 of 2013.


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  1. Geeks

    I track daily. Lumia 920 stayed as TOP 1-3 positions for 3 months after launch without ever slipping to the 4th position. It started moving down the list only after PhoneHouse changed the price to EUR249. Check the prices of other top sellers and you’ll be surprised that L920 is expensive. If the price goes down to EUR199 where it was before it will go up to the top 5 positions again.

  2. Jason

    Lumia 920 still in position 8 on The Phonehouse Top 50 I wouldn’t call that a big slide, specially since there is only three real high end phones above it.

  3. Richard

    It seems that you only ever report of resellers where the Lumias are topsellers. You should also mention that the 920 has been sliding on the Phonehouse France Top 50 for quite a while.

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