Nokia going for volume in China. Slashes Lumia 920 price by Yuan 600 !!


Nokia seems to have taken many by surprise here, by slashing the price of Lumia 920 officially to Yuan 3999, a price which everyone was expecting for Lumia 920 at the time of release. Now, this is surprising step, as Lumia 920 is really doing well at many major retailers in China and outselling other Flagship smartphones. So, only two possibilities are there. Either, Nokia is going for volumes here or may be …… a new Flagship is on the horizon, which seems like a remote possibility though, considering Catwalk aka RM-892 is rumored for Summer !! Check the link below for new “recommended retail price” by Nokia.

Lumia 920 link



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  2. Fer

    You got also the 808 PureView dropping under $400 unlocked in the US, this is cheap. ( I even got one, white for $390 a few days back).
    You can also argue lack of sales are bringing prices down across Nokia’s phone line but I think Nokia is getting closer to releasing the 920 successor and an 808 Windows 8 based phone.

  3. Jeff

    No reason to lower price now that the 520 and 720 are out, unless a new phone is coming soon.

  4. typhoon2000

    Or both…. It would help to give WP8 a bigger footprint in the OS market in China and at the same time help pave the way for the new top end device. Lumia ‘928’ photoshots look very good indeed.. Looks better than some SLRs to be fair. Seems like an exciting time at the moment but I do wish they’d simplify the model range a little.One thing, I wonder why they haven’t pushed forward their NFC technology. Back in the 2000’s they trialed the TfL Oyster payment system on their phones which had low latency times. It was largely successful. Currently, NFC relies on the SIM but if Nokia could partner with TfL to create an app (background app) that just used a hash tag allowing the phone to work in a similar manner to the NXT system in use by Oyster today, they would be the absolute pioneers of NFC for transport. Again.

  5. Visitor123

    I agree with “Geeks” and also this, in my opinion, implies that there is a new “flagship” around the corner…

  6. Geeks

    I suspect that their supply issues are now under control and that this is the price they had intended to sell L920 for and had to keep the bar high when they couldn’t satisfy demand. Volume is key for the success of any new product line in this competitive market and I am not surprised by the price cut. At this point it’s the adoption that matters most, not the margin.

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