Lumia 928 vs Lumia 720 size and design!! Will it have 12MP camera as well?

Lumia 928 vs Lumia 720

Having a look at two merged pictures of Lumia 928 and Lumia 720 gives you an idea about striking design similarity between two devices. Also, it clears one doubt that we had. It certainly has bigger screen tha Lumia 720 and so it will sport 4.5 inch display. Also, to us the display looks more like “PureMotion” used on Lumia 920 rather than OLED.

Coming to the most interesting part!! Most of the bits shared by Verizon rep in WPCentral forums have come true. So, will it really have 12MP camera as hinted by him? Xenon Flash has already made its way, so would it have N8’s sensor as well. Though there is no bump seen at the back, but may be Nokia has made the sensor thinner.




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  1. Alberto Rovatti

    12mpx siempre es mejor que 8mpx,al menos por 2 razones,1,se puede ampliar mas con el zoom al tomar una foto o despues de haberla tomado.2, tambien se puede ver a pantalla completa sin que se pixele la imagen en un televisor de 32 pulgadas o mas.(agradecere si pueden traducir este mensaje).saludos, Alberto

  2. torcida

    We don’t need 12MP on a tiny sensor… 8MP is more than enough with this sensor size!!

    …just wait for the next cam-flagship with a sensor-size of the 808, or bigger! 🙂

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