Rumor: Verizon to announce Lumia 928 on/around 8th April. Our Lumia 928 full coverage!!

nokia-lumia-920-lumia 928

So, this just walked into our inbox from someone who wants to be known as Aqua. Take it with a pinch of salt!! According to the Tip, Lumia 928 will be announced by Verizon on or around 8th April. Tipster says, he works with Verizon and till now the plan indicates 8th April, which is coming Monday and coincidentally my B’day :). So, Nokia going to make my B’day, special!! Ok, let’s see.

But, the press photo leak by evleaks also strongly indicates a near-term launch. So, may be we can see it getting announced pretty soon!!

Also, above is a comparison between Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 in the best possible proportionate manner. As we know, Lumia 928 will be slightly taller and less wider (133 x 68.9 mm as compared to 130.3 X 70.8 mm of Lumia 920) than Lumia 920. Display size for both is same 4.5 inch and also from the press photos both look like having similar screen tech (PureMotion HD+).

Now, time for our extensive coverage of Lumia 928, from first ever reporting it as RM-860 to its journey through FCC and Leaked images  to till now. We are certainly proud of our coverage of the device :P.×768-resolution-rx-108-can-be-the-nokia-tablet/


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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


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  2. Just hurry up and get it out for the public to buy and hopefully Verizon will have some trained people in their stores that can talk to a customer about it. Verizon has been very poor on training employees on Window Phones in the past. This comes from the top down, regional and district as well as local managers should be taken to task over this and get it together.

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  4. Patrice

    People memory is too short…HTC copy/pasta Lumia’s design at the beginning

  5. It looks somewhat like HTC 8x.

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