Picture of Back of White Lumia 928 leaked now!! White Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 pic comparison..


Lumia 920 vs Lumia 928 back

After posting both front and back side press photos of Black Lumia 928, @evleaks has now posted Back side photo of White Lumia 928. If you remember Lumia 928 is supposed to come in Four colors Black, Cyan, Red and White. We can certainly see people going crazy about their favourite Cyan or Red or Whites and even Black when it will get launched finally.


You can see a comparison between White Lumia 928 and Lumia 920’s back sides above as well. The difference in design is more prominent in White. Note both the Xenon and LED Flashes on Lumia 928 as compared to only LED on Lumia 920. Even, the “PureView” branding is only visible on Lumia 928 camera strip. Also, something tells me that Lumia 928 may be using some other material than polycarbonate like Lumia 920. It looks like Aluminum to me or, it is just bad photo?



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  1. Apamau

    Seriously for those already have 920 like me, I am not really interested in any of this, the only thing we look forward, is the 41Mp, other than that’s is not that interesting at all.

    • jeff

      For those customers at Verizon it’s very important. That is evident with sales of the 822. Verizon has much better coverage than AT&T so it needs the 928.

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  3. benam badshah

    It looks like aluminium.

  4. jeff

    When will it be at Verizon?

  5. Joseph Malfara

    maybe a thinner carbonate shell..??

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  7. I really like the look of the front of the 928. Not sure if that looks aluminium to me, if it is then I think the matte black looks really nice. Is that large strip above (to the left in these pics) the camera a Zenon flash? Hope so, though I will be interested to see how well it works on Windows Phone.

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