Nokia 501 and Nokia 210 revealed through certifications in Indonesia.


Two new Nokia devices have been revealed through certifications in Indonesia. One of them is Nokia 501 aka RM-902 that to our best guess may belong to that shiny new generation of Nokia Asha devices. Second one is Nokia 210 aka RM 924 which may be a Nokia featurephone with new-gen color profiles and some outstanding battery life and other features. Anyways, not much is known for now but Nokia 501 certainly looks like exciting prospect if it can be anything like the leaked photos reveal.


Thanks Micz for the Tip. Cheers!!




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  1. So the result now..RM-902 is dual SIM variant of 501
    RM-899 Single SIM 501 GSM 900/1800
    RM 900 Single SIM 501 GSM 850/1900

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  11. jeff

    Nokia is continuing the progress of having the most innovative lineup of phones anywhere.

  12. micz

    my pleasure 🙂

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