Lumia 720 now the top selling phone at Flipkart. Nokia India giving free wireless charger with Lumia 920.


Nokia has priced Lumia 720 rather sanely in India as compared to some other markets like China and Russia. Results are impressive as Lumia 720 has now overtaken even Lumia 520 in popularity and is currently the best seller device at India’s no. 1 online retailer Flipkart. This is mighty impressive as it is Lumia 520 which is proving to be much more popular of the duo in most of the markets, where both have been launched.

Flipkart link


Another good news coming from India for prospective Lumia 920 buyers. Nokia India is now offering Free DT-900 Wireless charger with purchase of every Nokia Lumia 920. This offer is valid till stocks last (Charger color as per the availability). Also note that pricing at official Nokia Shop is highest in India for Lumia 920 at Rs 38262. But the Free charger worth Rs 4000 may make it a lucrative offer.

Though we had hoped that Nokia would bring this offer to India when Lumia 920 was itself launched, but seems all great offers remain limited to US market where Nokia is still struggling to make a significant mark!!

Lumia 920 link

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers!!


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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


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  2. Lol! You have generalized this concept yourself; the 1st listed handset doesn’t mean that it’s best selling; that’s the concept of Amazon; soon it will be replaced by other handset. Even for today, Sony Xperia occupies its position. So, your bestseller remains best for just one day

      • You Check it; the home page of flipkart is clearly showing its position at 3rd position. When I clicked it, view more, it shows its position to be at 4th;. I had uploaded the screenshot to my public dropbox folder; you can view the same;

        Home Screen:

        Mobile Section Screen:

        • Do me a favour and click on the view more link :P.

          • WoW! Comment deleted when you don’t have an answer. Great!

            Anyway, aap kitna bhi kuch kar liijiye, apne is blog par but the truth is ki Nokia is dying & the reason for the same is its CEO, stephen Elops. Symbian was great but he killed it, when it was growing. Lumia is just a bullshit because it comes with that useless windows OS.

            In past, I was also a great admirer of Nokia. In my family, we have only Nokia; in 2011, I purchased Nokia X7-00; before that Nokia 3600 slide in 2009; my dad has C6-01 & 2690; my elder brother had N95 & xPress music.

            But, this time, we had to opt out; my brother moved towards Sony Xperia, my dad towards Samsung galaxy Y duos, me towards Karbonn S5 titanium (Going to purchase soon).


            • I answered once than twice and don’t have patience for the third time!! We spam the troll comments after certain repetitions.

              Achha laga jankar ki tumhari family me Nokia ko sab log pasand karte the. But thoda doubt hua ye soch kar ki itne quality devices ke baad “Karbonn”?

              Mere paas aaj bhi N8 aur 808 PureView(My daily driver) hain aur mujhe nahi lagta Nokia ke alawa koi aur itni high quality device bana sakta hain.

              Android is the worst OS. It is like a truck which needs 8 cores to even come closer to WP in smoothness. My best pal in office bought a Xperia and took my 808 PV for a comparison. After a while he asked how many cores does it have? “It is so smooth”. Going to android is like punishing oneself.

              Finally I replied to this comment of yours, because you look like a genuine ex-Nokia user. But don’t troll. We cover what is right and can’t explain “one thing” many times!!

      • I was not spamming your blog; if you can remember, I was a regular follower of your blog during initial part of last year. That time, I was a fan of Nokia but after the closure of Symbian platform & giving extreme emphasis on Lumia handset, I started hating Nokia.

        In previous comments, I was trying to convince you that your theme for measuring the sales of Lumia was improper; you can yourself find the same in the report of Q2, 2013, when Nokia will publish the same. Another point, during the initial time Blackberry Z10 had also appeared as the best selling handset at the home page of flipkart but you might know that it was a super-flop handset in India.

        Regarding switching to Karbonn, I want a snapdragon quad core processor & because of bad marks in last exam, my dad will not spend 25K for my next mobile; this S5 titanium has same CPU that Xperiz Z has, with a huge difference in GPU & other area.

        Regarding smoothnees, if a smartphone is not loaded with any apps, it will run smoother. For my X7-00, when I eject my memory card, it runs super smooth; I had around 200 apps over it.

        Now, in case of Android, people overload with apps; my elder brother has more than 350 apps on his Xperia S but in case of Lumia, if you are able to arrange even 100 apps, it will be great; AGAIN YOU HAVE TO INSTALL APPS FROM STORE ITSELF (the worst of all things)

        I am agree that Android needs huge resources but pose better features & games run at a better frame rate. Over it, I’ll say that Windows 98 starts faster than Windows XP/7 & has a lot smoother interface but the later OS pose better features; same case is with Android. Again, Android needs huge resources but you can easily get quad core processor within 20K range; Lumia needs single core but it is also priced at similar range. If you are not agree with me, run Temple Run 2 & Asphalt 7: Heat; if these 2 games run smoothly & you can switch between the applications while running these games without any lag, then it can be said that WP is smooth. Karbonn S5 titanium can run these games without any lag.

        Basically, this is the reason, Android phones are making exponential jump over the sales.

        It’s great to know that you had 808 pureview, the last & the greatest of all Symbian phones. I hope you would have FP2 installed, so can you answer me a few questions; it’s too hard to find a symbian user these days to consult anything.

        1. What’s the startup time on 808 Pureview?? Again, what’s the startup time on Belle refresh on your Nokia N8??

        2. Another question, is your music player working fine on N8 after Belle refresh or does it keep crashing & rebooting your phone??

  3. james

    does that mean we have sold 3 now ? best seller this,that.

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