Nokia gets preliminary injunction against HTC One in Netherlands over HAAC mics.

htcnokiainjunctionAccording to a latest report from Engadget, Nokia has won preliminary injunction against HTC over the HAAC mics technology used in HTC One. Now, we all know HTC has been on a copying spree of Nokia innovations. From unibody design in HTC 8X to low-light camera tech and HAAC mics in HTC One. In this case it seems Nokia had licensed this technology to ST microelectronics for exclusive use of Nokia. But, HTC not only copied this tech without licensing it from Nokia, but also claimed it to be key feature for HTC One. Above image is a comparison between the HAAC mics components on Lumia 720 and HTC One, which look much similar as they have been manufactured by ST Microelectronics.

You can read more about Nokia’s patent wins against HTC in our earlier articles. Since it is upcoming Flagship device in this case it seems HTC is in real trouble this time.

Now, If Nokia gets this injunction in Europe, which is quite possible, then it will be huge setback for HTC!! Read the full press release below.

The Amsterdam District Court has today granted Nokia’s request for a preliminary injunction against the supply to HTC of microphone components invented by and manufactured exclusively for Nokia.

Nokia filed this action after it discovered these components in the HTC One; HTC has no license or authorization from Nokia to use these microphones or the Nokia technologies from which they have been developed.

In its marketing materials, HTC claims that its HDR microphone is a key feature for the HTC One, but it is Nokia technology, developed exclusively for use in Nokia products.

This is one of the latest in a number of cases brought by Nokia to end HTC’s unauthorized use of Nokia’s inventions. More than 40 Nokia patents have been asserted against HTC in Germany, the US and the UK. An injunction against HTC devices in Germany, which were found on March 19 to infringe Nokia’s patent EP 0 673 175, is now in effect. The latest case, on Nokia patent EP 1 579 613 B1 was filed in Mannheim, Germany on April 16.

Once again, Nokia calls on HTC to compete using its own innovations and to stop copying from Nokia.”



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  2. Geeks

    As Samsung copies Apple, HTC is determined to bring Nokia down by copying both the design and the internals. This is called THEFT!! Nokia should not even accept any license agreement – just ban the thieves from the market.

  3. jeff

    Nokia claims it wants to differentiate themselves from competitors. Well I say, ban them from using this technology Nokia! So they won’t be the same!

    Keep at it! Don’t let anyone steal your innovation anymore.

  4. CopyPasta can’t innovate anymore 😛 Nokia is doing the right.

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