Updated: RM-910 has 1280×768 resolution while RM-941 has WVGA. “Love Wallpaper HD” stats reveal 3 new Lumias.


We reached to Ailon@Adduplex to ask about possible resolution of these three revealed Lumia devices. According to him, RM-941 has got WVGA while RM-943 has been seen only once and in a WP7 app so hard to say about resolution, but we guess it may be WVGA only, because it looks to be a variant of RM-941. Most interestingly, RM-910 has WXGA or 1280×768 resolution making it high-end. So, is it the cheaper version of Nokia Catwalk we have heard about.


We will really have multiple Lumia announcements going ahead. Lumia 928 aka RM-860 for Verizon, Nokia Catwalk aka RM-893 for T-Mobile and RM-892 globally, AT&T bound Nokia EOS aka RM-877 and now Love Wallpaper HD stats reveal three more new devices from its database. Defined as RM-941, RM-943 and RM-910 these were certainly not known before this and RM-941 and RM-943 are certainly variants of the same device for HongKong and China (May be China Mobile). RM-910 is also certainly very interesting!!

So in this way Nokia has got five to six new Lumia devices in pipeline it seems. This has been reported earlier as well by various sources and following looked like a probable list of devices.

Supersized Phablet: Which will be termed as the most innovative and it will be a device that can work as a phone and a tablet, similar in size but with more advanced specifications to Samsung’s popular  Galaxy Note.

Nokia EOS: 41 MP PureView Lumia aka  is slated for a July launch according to this report.

Nokia Catwalk: A Lighter and more advanced version of Lumia 920, which is rumored for a May announcement.

The fourth one is interesting!! The report says another lower priced version of Lumia 920/Nokia Catwalk slated for Autumn

So, it comes to our mind whether RM-941 and RM-943 are the Phablet variants and RM-910 cheaper version of Lumia 920/Nokia Catwalk. Though it may be reverse case as well :).

Now, as confirmed by CEO Elop these devices will be announced one after another once the hero move of Lumia 928 at Verizon takes place in near future.



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  6. Interesting of them all Catwalk is the one i’m looking at being on T-MO.

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