Lumia 521 sold out completely on Home Shopping Network (HSN) in US!!


T-Mobile bound Lumia 521 went on sale at HSN which is the first retailer for device in US. Though it is selling at no-contract price of $149.95, but when it was listed on 26th April for the first time it was already trending as “Best seller“. Check now and it is completely sold out!! That’s shows strong demand as Lumia 521 was selling at full no-contract price. It augurs well for future, as it will be available on much better deals soon.



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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. The phone was available as a show stopper, and is sold out again as of now.

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  3. Wow – 400 units sold out
    This is exciting. We may hit 3 thousand Lumia 521 sales by end or quarter.
    So many lost opportunities from lack of supply.

    Oh well.

    • You mean 3 million I guess? 3000 is the number for the first day of WalMart or T-Mobile store availability.
      And yes, it’s a shame they did not have more in stock. I think Nokia was trying to gauge consumer demand with this pre-debut sale strategy. Now that they know for sure this phone will be super popular they will have their supply ready for millions of units.

  4. Yuute

    Lumia 521 stock is mentioned in the video, is 400 units.

  5. kyothar

    According to the video via the below link, which is HSN selling the 521, they had 400 in stock. However, they had also sold out the day before in pre-sales before they even went on the air. So they seemed to have some amount for pre-sale and then possibly 400 more they sold on the Saturday.,d.cGE

  6. james

    i thought these shopping networks usually tell you what stock they have and amount they sell.are you saying hsn should have more stock than Tmobile ?

  7. Geeks

    Expect millions sold in the US in the coming months on and at T-Mobile stores. People are going to buy this as a backup phone. $150 is a joke when most people usually pay that amount just for a monthly data plan!!

  8. eeteet

    How large stock they had?

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