Finlands’s top operator Elisa’s best-seller list for April 2013. Lumia 620 and Lumia 820 top selling phones.


Finland’s biggest operator “Elisa” has published their best-selling phones list for April 2013. Lumia WP8 devices top both the list for “Private customers” and “Corporate customers“. Lumia 620 tops best-selling list for Private customers while Lumia 820 tops best-selling list for Corporate customers. Good to see Nokia ruling sales charts on its home-turf :).

The best-selling phones in April 2013 (Private customers):
 1. Nokia Lumia 620
2. Apple iPhone 5
3. Nokia Lumia 820
4. Samsung Galaxy S III
5. Nokia Lumia 920
6. Samsung Galaxy GIO
7. Samsung Galaxy Xcover II
8. Nokia C2-01
9. Samsung Galaxy S 4
10. Samsung Galaxy S III mini
11. ZTE Blade III
12. Nokia Asha 311
13. Apple iPhone 4S
14. Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
15. Apple iPhone 4
The best-selling phones in April 2013 (Corporate customers):
1. Nokia Lumia 820
2. Nokia C2-01
3. Nokia Lumia 620
4. Huawei F610
5. Nokia Lumia 920
6. Samsung Xcover 271
7. Apple iPhone 5
8. Nokia 300
9. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2
10. Nokia Lumia 800
11. Apple iPhone 4S
12. Samsung Galaxy Xcover
13. Apple iPhone 4
14. Samsung Galaxy S II Plus
15. Samsung Galaxy S III
Thanks Finno1 for the Tip. Cheers!!

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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. One more link for you,

    If you have answer, reply to my comments else delete them to keep your blog clean & in the air that Nokia is best; even if you delete, I’ll not mind it! 😛

  2. Hi, I am back again. Well, you are too happy to introduce the information that Nokia is the best seller & similar; I am going to introduce a superb article from Times of India which quotes all the genuine source that you cannot deny. Here, it is,

    You will find that Nokia suffers a loss of 196 million dollar in Q1, 2013; this is the statement,

    “It slipped into losses again in Q1 2013 but it narrowed down its operating loss to $196 million from $1.7 billion a year earlier”

    I am sure that you will be still happy as Nokia is able to lower down its operating loss by more than 9 times, so a success of 900% 😛

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  4. james

    im wanting this stock to go up and the term “BEST SELLER” wont make it happen ! numbers will !

  5. james

    why cant you ever post numbers ? you post its a best seller here,there and all parts in between but never numbers to back it up !

    • Isn’t it enough that best-seller list at largest operator in Finland is topped by Lumia which has all huge seller like iPhone 5 and SGS4 on the list.

      • Because the population of Finland is just 53 lakhs & that of Mumbai is alone 1.6 crores**. So, what can that small country can give return to nokia.

        Suppose that, there are 10 grocery shops in my locality & one of them will obviously be the leader; it’s not necessary that grocery shop will be the leader in my entire city & state; that is why, we quote numbers, here we target the turn-over, operating profit & similar. It might be possible that leader grocery shop in my area will not rank in top 1000 in my city.

        So, you have to quote numbers that how many units are being sold & what’s the operating profit of that company?? Apple has a market share of just 1.2% but it’s market in India is above 7000 crore rupees.

        So, what’s the condition of your favourite company in terms of operating profit?? Posted in last comment!

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