Lumia 520 sold out at O2 in UK. The £7 deal listed as “best seller monthly pay” deal by Carphonwarehouse.


Lumia 520 is doing very well in UK as well, it seems. At Carphonewarehouse, UK where it is available at a monthly deal of £7, it is listed in the “Bestselling pay monthly deals“. The retailer has some of the best deals available for Lumia 520 in UK.

CPW link


Also at operator O2 in UK, Lumia 520 seems to be “out of stock” currently. Both colors are sold out and the page mentions up to 14 days for delivery of the Lumia 520.

O2 link

Thanks Pet3 for the Tip. Cheers!!


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  1. Jay

    If you go to the link and expand to “view all deals” you will find that the Lumia 520 is actually quite far down the bestselling list. That said, it is new so it has not had time to climb very high. What is impressive is the reviews, which are from former Android or iPhone users and are very positive, especially bearing in mind the very reasonable price of the Lumia. I think that the Lumia range will do very well in the UK.

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  3. sri_tech

    That is good news.
    Black 520 is in stock now at

    • sri_tech

      Now its out of stock again.
      The reason for selling out so quickly could be:
      1. 520 has become very popular.
      2. Good price on flipkart + 8 gb memory card free.
      3. Only black available.

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