Yellow Lumia 520 sold out yet again on Jingdong store in China. Nokia must scale-up the production?


Lumia 520 came back in stock at official Jingdong mall in China after getting sold out for 3rd time. Now, while other two colors are still in stock, Yellow Lumia 520 is sold out for the 4th time in a row now. This is encouraging as it indicates strong traction for Lumia 520, but little worrying is the fact that Nokia is not able to cope up with the demand. This “out of stock” situation shouldn’t persist for long if Nokia has to take real advantage of such strong demand in big markets like US, India, China and others.

May be Nokia is still treading with bit caution and is not trying to dump market with millions of Lumia 520. But while that strategy has been fine with Q4 and Q1, now is the time to scale up the production for Lumia. After all Nokia need to pump volumes in the market, if they want their volume drivers (Lumia 520) to win significant market share.

Indications from markets like India have been really good, where in spite of going out of stock  several times at many retailers including Flipkart and Nokia shop, Lumia 520 is now the best-selling Windows phone ever just one month in release.



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  1. Nokia’s Q2 sale estimate was shockingly conservative. I hope they are prepared for an actual demand 150% of that. Nokia, when will you grow up?

  2. Geeks

    If NOKIA is selling Lumia 520 for $129.88 on the world’s largest retailer in the US (Walmart), in Ireland for EUR129, in Spain for such low prices, in China for 1299Y, shouldn’t they be planning the production accordingly? Or are they out there to just tease potential customers?

  3. “Yellow Lumia 920 is sold out for the 4th time ” You meant 520. Right? 😛
    Please correct xD

  4. sri_tech

    They need to increase the production. It went out of stock on flipkart 5-6 days back.
    Still it is in the same state (out of stock).

    • you’re right. I’ve been monitoring and it’s been out of stock for a week now. Very frustrating for NOK investors and those wishing to buy the device. They’ve got to do better on the supply line. 😦

  5. Elop said for 520 and 720 to be volume devices, so they are expecting high volume, so question is can Nokia satisfy world demand for 520, and sell more than 10 million lumias this quarter.

    Answer if they have inventory they will sell over 10 million lumias this quarter 🙂

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