Video of Lumia 928 taking on Hurricane vs (SGS 3 and iPhone 5). Lumia 928 page now reveals 8.7 MP camera, slimmer design, new renders.


Quick heads-up!! Lumia 928 page now reveals new renders, the 8.7 MP PureView camera, slimmer profile and a video of taking on Hurricane vs iPhone 5 and SGS 3 highlighting OIS and low-light capability of Lumia 928. Watch the video below or click here,

The next Nokia Lumia is coming and we are excited to unveil it soon. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of what’s in store. We took the new Nokia Lumia to Adventureland in Farmingdale, New York and strapped it to the front row of a rollercoaster called “The Hurricane.” It’s 60ft high and has an inverted loop, so we thought we would capture some video footage alongside the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as the iPhone 5. Which phone takes better video on this shake-filled and low-lit ride? You decide.

Lumia 928 page


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  1. Kind of lame after 3 months of rumors. The rumors had better specs than what the real phone now shows.
    Or maybe this latest is just a rumor too and the 928 will look and smell exactly like the 920 only with different radios.

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  4. wakanai

    Nokia really needs to work on their marketing. While this video technically shows how great the phone is, it does nothing to “sell” the product. Reminds me of the pathetic Lumia 920 launch event when compared to the Samsung S4 event. Everyone knows Sammy’s products are garbage, but they sell because they understand marketing. Elop really needs to get Microsoft to step up here and market for their WP8 franchise player.

  5. Time for rejoice.. Being a Nokia fan, these days are just filled with super happiness 🙂 Finally.. Time for all the samsuckers to shut up and feel the Nokia magic. They’ll still keep yelling, but we know who’s the best and who’s winning 🙂

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