Lumia 920 in house!! Do let us know, what we should explore in our review?


First of all, thanks to Nokia India and Nokia connects guys for arranging Lumia 920. This is obviously the first time Nokiapoweruser has been sent a review unit by Nokia and it seems it will be very fruitful relationship going ahead!! Next 3 days we will be taking multitude of photos and putting Lumia 920 across various real-life usage tests. We will also put it against two Nokia imaging flagships N8 and 808 PureView and so on……

So, in case you want us to test some special features, capabilities or something else about the device, do let us know!!


About Kamal

Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. troll

    Test voice commands for opening apps, etc.against a sg3. Test the app Speak Reminder. Test low light, no flash, 808 vs. 920 and use edit to fix, the crop and see which you like better, inside and out. However, go by which photo you like better, not which one is the truest color reproduction,etc. Bring down the comments to the 98% of customers on this one. Thanks…great site with the best info.

  2. In my experience, the Lumia 920 produces better shots than the N8, at least with both phones set to Auto, and used without the aid of a tripod. The OIS really helps create blur free images,which just isn’t the case with the N8.
    However, bring the Xenon flash into the comparison and you have a whole new story.

  3. Oh yeah? Aha 😀
    Was only wondering why didn’t this already happen and voila you’ve played the Ace 😀
    Do well and shoot a honest review towards us.
    For the review part, I’d like you talking about how dependable it is and how it suits the daily-life needs 🙂

  4. Trobiase

    oh ya and camera comparison against the lumia 720 too would be nice

  5. Trobiase

    ofcourse the camera comparision seems legitimate when we talk of 920
    but is the graphics on 920 same as that in any other android while playing commonplace high graphic games especially modern combat 4 , will like a review on that

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