Nokia EOS spotted by anonymous tipster!! Rounded camera hump with Lumia 920 frontal design.


We got this info into our inbox by a tipster who wants to remain anonymous about sighting of the upcoming Nokia EOS. For your info Nokia EOS which may be known as Lumia 950 as well when launched may be Nokia’s next big imaging flagship with possible 41 MP sensor (some rumors put it less than 41 MP as well) and two of its variants RM-877 for AT&T and RM-875 for rest of the world has already been caught testing.

Now according to the tipster, EOS will have  polycarbonate body with black ceramic power and volume buttons. Frontal design will be similar to Lumia 920. He has spotted White model with same glossy finish as of Lumia 920. It looks significantly thinner than Lumia 920 when seen from edges, but has a round shaped “camera assembly” in the middle with slight hump which doesn’t protrude much and blends in nicely. It has both Xenon and LED flash as expected. Also, tipster has noticed the camera resolution to be XX, so it may obviously be anything from 16 to 41 MP.

He further mentions built-in camera lens cover, new Camera app called “Nokia Pro Camera” , AMOLED screen, much lighter weight than Lumia 920 and three dots at back for wireless charging.

Saw the Nokia Lumia EOS today (not sure if it’s the right name for the production version). The phone is made of polycarbonate with black ceramic power and volume buttons. I saw the white version and it had the glossy finish similar to the 920. The edges are significantly tapered, so looking at the phone from the top or the bottom, it’s significantly thinner than the 920, however, with the pillow shape, the middle is about the same thickness as the 920. The lens assembly is round in shape (not like the 808) and the flash is xenon (like the 925). There is also a LED light next to the flash. The lens and the flash looks smaller than that on the 808 (I havent’ seen the 808 in person).
The lens housing is perfectly round in shape (and not a rounded rectangular like the one on 808). It doesn’t protrude from the body very much and blends in nicely. The housing is pretty big and is very noticeable. The lens has a built in cover (it is internal but you can see it open when the camera app is opened). Not sure why it needs  a cover, especially since the cover is behind the external glass lens (maybe it’s a variable aperture, don’t know). The camera app is a new one, called Nokia Pro Camera. It has a significantly different camera interface with rotating icons (like the Sony NEX). The ISO can go upto 3200. There is manual focus which can be controlled though the app. The regular windows phone 8 camera app is also present. The speakers are located near the USB port on the bottom.
Overall the phone is much lighter and the display is the same size and resolution as the 920. I dont’ know if it’s AMOLED or LED, my guess is AMOLED because of the black level.  The phone looks very nice. Don’t know the resolution of the camera, it was written “XX Megapixels” on the round black housing of the lens on the pre-production version.
Also, there are three contacts for charging on the back, so I’m guessing wireless charging is only supported through optional covers like the 925. Also, please don’t use my name. And last, the photo you posted of a rumored EOS a couple of days back is a hoax. It does not look like that. From the front it looks like the 920, but the back is totally different.
Thanks anonymous tipster for the Tip. Cheers!!

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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. DannyBoy

    where i can bet that it will not have a 41mp sensor? “_

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  3. Geeks

    Why would Nokia produce another ATT exclusive phone when they’ve been unable to sell L900 & L920? Such a device should be for Verizon that knows how to sell smartphones and maybe try Sprint.

  4. I believe this, coz I read most of these facts somewhere else! For sure it’s thinner and looks ~like the 920!
    The 928 has xenon, not the 925, right!
    Maybe it has solar charging and is waterproof, they have the technology!
    Hoping for 41 MP or more… up to 55 should be possible (Qualcomm)
    EOS/950 will be the first real Nokia WP moster!!
    Should launch in Q3!
    I’m waiting 1 1/2 years for this phone…

  5. Diazene

    the 925 has xenon flash?

  6. Hah!! Thanks Anonymous 🙂
    Slimmer than 920.. So, can we call that the Width at the camera hump part will be equal to the 920? Or it will be more bigger hump?

    LOL.. I don’t think Mr. Anonymous will reply here. But thanks anyways.. 🙂

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