Updated: Back in stock at Verizon!! Black Lumia 928 already sold out at Verizon and Radioshackwireless.


Good news!! Black Lumia 928 now seems to be back in stock at Verizon. Keep it up, Nokia!!


We hoped that Lumia 928 will be enough in stock when it will be launched at Verizon finally. But, seems strong demand has already taken its toll and send the Black model out of stock at Verizon. Not only this even at “Radioshackwireless” it has sold out it seems and there is 7 to 10 days delay in shipments.

We certainly don’t know how big the first stock was at Verizon, but Nokia must pull their socks and don’t let sales opportunities go waste!!

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Blogging is my major hobby. Huge Nokia fan and have been using mostly Nokia phones since my first one. Hope you have a great reading time on this blog!! Be in touch @nokiapoweruser on Twitter.


  1. Walmart has been out of stock for a week now.
    Pretty terrible no matter which way you look at it. No supply means lost sales.
    This is such a common theme for Nokia – to be out of stock and then read there are only 2 or 3 items available they restock up again. Definitely not a sign of blow out sales. It is a sign of incompetence.

    The Nokia Engineering and pretty well all the Executives must be fuming mad at their supply chain department. Fire someone. Hire someone from Samsung and move on. Quit covering for an incompetent employee Exec – no matter how connected they are to the Finish government.

  2. eeteet

    That is great news that it is in stock!

  3. raul

    Of it was out of stock Just a couple hours ago and its back now, I don’t think they are having supply issues anymore because they didn’t come back in stock that fast on at&t (920)…looks like things are looking up for Nokia!

  4. Chunck77

    It’s the operator who defines and orders quantities from manufacturer, and is responsible for their distribution to different shops.

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  6. poeli

    its not out of stock, what are your sources?

  7. sarkar

    same with walmart 521. The company cannot turn around unless it can fix its supply issues. Its been nine months and we still do not have answers.

  8. ed

    Just got off the chat line with Verizon and she said both the white and black 928 are in stock.

  9. I’ve started reading quite some questions from the 928 owners on the Nokia Forum and I was surprised about that..
    Dunno why, but it just makes me feel that Verizon has better chances of selling Windows Phone than at&t

  10. eeteet

    As a shareholder it is sad to read those out of stock comments so soon. I wonder how they can’t make phones enough.

  11. ed

    Your link doesn’t show out of stock.

  12. san

    whats the qty

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