Lumia 520 completely sold out at official Nokia Shop and Flipkart in India.



Looks like Lumia 520 is continuously enjoying strong demand in India. It is now sold out completely at both official Nokia shop and Flipkart as well. At Flipkart it has been in stock and out of stock affair for Lumia 520 for quite some time now showing very fast stock movement. At Nokia shop it has been more in stock due to higher price as compare to other retailers. But now all the colors are sold out at Nokia Shop as well.


Nokia Shop



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  1. Wow the Nokia Shop is still completely sold out! Flipkart has both black and white now.

  2. The supply issue has happened for almost every single new device. I wonder if that’s actually part of Nokia’s strategy? Seeing how they were the largest manufacturer of mobile devices up until recently, I am convinced they must have done this intentionally.

  3. Geeks

    Nokia is a joke. Lumia 521 hasn’t been seen on Walmart and HSN in the US since day one. My impression is that they’re unable to manage their supplies. That’s all. It’s not a matter of great demand, this is poor supply.

  4. Jason

    Stock problems on none flagship phones like the 520 are actually unacceptable. They should start concentrating on the 520 instead of making more Asha’s less and less people want.

  5. typhoon2000

    it is because of weak supply, not strong demand. Nokia are very poor at supplying a product that people actually want yet in the past they were good at supplying products that nobody wanted…

    They still haven’t learned anything in the past 12 months.

    • sri_tech

      In the case of 920 I agree with you.
      But for these 520 and 720 there is some strong demand in India. Supply issues are not really entirely true because these phones are available in retail stores.

  6. san

    no stock in flipkart since last 15 days

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  8. sri_tech

    Cyan is now available on flipkart.
    Great price: 9999 plus 8 GB memory card free.
    Flipkart is giving 5% off monday which means the price is 9,500.

  9. sri_tech

    Nokia need to improve supply a lot.
    They are sold out on flipkart long ago. One or two colors are coming available but quickly selling out.

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