Nokia takes a jab on Apple saying, “hold your Lumia 925, any way you like”. Talks about Antenna tech!!


You may be very well familiar with the infamous “Death grip” issues on iPhone 4 and Apple’s RDF attempts of first denying it and then that innovative bumper to help iPhone 4 owners use iPhone as a real phone :P. This incident highlighted issues with a metal body use on a smartphone. Now, Nokia has launched the first Aluminium body Lumia in Lumia 925 and they want you to know beforehand that,

So relax, and enjoy Nokia Lumia 925 and its sleek design, any way you like.

Talking about the Lumia 925’s antenna technology they note that, the aluminium ring around the phone is actually a part of the three-antenna system and Nokia’s antenna tech adjusts the ‘balance of power’ between the antennas according to how you’re holding your phone.

On the Lumia 925, the aluminium ring around the phone actually act as parts of the phone’s radio antenna system. The main antenna is located in the bottom area of the phone and two more towards the top of the phone. There are then stripes that separate the antennas from the other parts of the metal ring.

Nokia-specific technology incorporated within the antenna solution maximises its use of radio bands – whether you’re on GSM, WCDMA or LTE networks. It will also adjust the ‘balance of power’ between the antennas according to how you’re holding your phone.

The end result is that you’ll get equally good radio performance out of the Lumia 925 as you would from a wholly polycarbonate phone, plus the most important benefit in the form of a stunning design.

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  1. Boring run of the mill mainstream design. Looks like their London studio was allowed to do that one. The boldly colourful and heavier L920s are so much more unique and stand out much better. Even the L620 or L720 looks nicer than that aluminum-plastic bar ‘o soap.

  2. troll

    So beautiful.

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